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Have you ever noticed that friends send you these chain emails that promise you riches and great things as long as you re-send the chain email to X amount of people within a specified time frame?

And then these emails go on to inform you that if you don't do as instructed, harm will befall you, your family and friends - I can only assume that doesn't involve the one who sent it to you.

Thank God these stupid things don't work because I count that as a threat towards my family.
I just saw this question on the Yahoo email page.

'How do you explain deja vu?'

There have to be some creative answers for that one and I don't mean the truth. Anyone care to think of any?
HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

It's 1216 and quiet except for a few random fireworks.

2009 seems pretty good so far. The world survived.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe one.

I'd just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
And for all of you who are freezing and up to your armpits in snow, it's going to be 31C in Adelaide. D'oh!!

Hope you all get what you wished for.

Well, that's that over for another year.

'The best Idol ever!' the media kept proclaiming. I can't be alone in not believing that. Perhaps they confused 'best' with 'worst'. Maybe the person who wrote Andrew G's cue cards was in charge of the tag line for Idol this year.

The singer that won was the one that should have won. The one they had picked to win from the very beginning of the series. Good voice, good stage presence, great first single.
But overall he is boring!
I will bet anyone who wants to take it that his next single - if indeed there is one or anyone plays it - will be the cover of a 'sixties or seventies rock classic'.
But good onya Wes! Personally I think the title of Australian Idol is the kiss of death for any serious musician. Barring Guy Sebastian who was the first.

I don't think Luke should have won either. Maybe Mark or Chrislyn - although I don't think they wanted another female idol. The last two haven't exactly made the recording companies millions. Come to think of it, none of the winners have. You're better off coming second or third - Anthony Callea, Dean Geyer, Shannon Noll, Axle Whitehead, Rickie-Lee...

Can't wait 'til next year.
We won gold in men's 10m platform diving.
7 diving golds to the Chinese, 1 to Aust. It's not a lot but it does mean they didn't get them all.

Where else can you see mostly naked men jumping from 10m to get wet? Diving is better than the slashiness that is AFL.
Three words...

Men's synchronised diving!

Title: The Thrill of the Chase
Rating: NC17
Characters: S/R
Disclaimer: not mine
Word count: 382
Prompt: AWDT prompt of "All I can do is think of you."

licked his lipsCollapse )
Saturday night my partner went outside for a cigarette and called me outside too. There on the wire that goes from the Stobie pole to the house (probably the telephone wire...) sat an owl.
Not a big one.
He turned his head around and looked at us, waited for a minute or so and then flew across the road to sit on a neighbour's wall.

I really didn't think we got owls this close to the city.

I'm still in awe.
Hmmm, well...
Maybe I'm not so hard hearted and emotionless after all.
An episode of Torchwood just made me cry...